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Normoxic Trimix

The Normoxic Trimix course provides the training required to competently and safely utilize breathing gases containing helium for dives that require staged decompression, utilizing nitrox and / or oxygen mixtures during decompression to a maximum depth of 60 metres / 200 feet, 230 ft for IANTD Normoxic Trimix Plus. The objective of this course is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures of utilizing custom oxygen / helium / nitrogen mixtures as breathing gases. Gas mixes are not to have any less than 18 percent oxygen (O₂).

Please note: Because the only north-Florida dive sites which offer the necessary depth for this training, you must be certified to the full Cave Diver level. If students wish to take the course in the ocean, destination travel can be arranged.  

Certification is through TDI, NAUI, IANTD.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least 100 logged dives
  • Be certified to the Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures Diver level or equivalent
  • Be certified to the full Cave Diver level or equivalent – unless taking in the ocean
  • This course generally takes five days are requires at least 300 minutes of bottom time.

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