About us

The best creative endeavors are seldom the work of just one individual. That is certainly the case here. Like a successful cave dive, is the result of teamwork.

In this section, you’ll get to meet the team behind the words and images. Collectively, they represent more than three quarters of a century of experience in cave and technical diving.

By the way, both Chris and Harry are NSS-CDS Instructor Evaluators  and serve on the Training Committee. Until his untimely death, Reggie was the NSS-CDS Training Chairman.

Chris Brock

After a decade of teaching and coaching in public schools, on a whim Chris signed up for a discover scuba experience while on vacation in Mexico. While hanging at the bottom of the line on that initial dive, Chris knew that scuba was something he wanted to share with others. Foregoing the rest of his vacation, Chris began his open water training the next day and the rest is history.

Harry Averill

Although largely retired from everything other than Instructor-level training, Harry remains the creative force behind Few dive professionals have a background as diverse and extensive as Harry’s. If you learned to dive any time in the past three decades, odds are you did so using materials that Harry either contributed to or created in their entirety.

Dave Robbins

Teaching has always been a passion for David. A 22-year career airline pilot, he’s spent more than a decade as an Instructor Pilot and Instructor Trainer/Evaluator at his airline. Aviation met its match when Dave discovered Cave Diving. Combining his passion for teaching and his love of scuba diving seemed inevitable. Today he actively teaches both Technical Diving and Open Water while working on his Cave Instructor Rating.

Reggie Ross

Our dear friend and mentor Reggie Ross passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Eve. He had been diving for more than four decades — and had been teaching scuba nearly as long. In that time, Reggie trained hundreds of divers and instructors. In the process, he made thousands of dives at locations around the globe.

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