Courses and Guided Dives

We offer a range of cave, technical, rebreather, and instructor training, as well as guided dives. Check out our course offerings below for more information.

Cave Diver Courses

Available courses include those needed to achieve full Cave Diver certification, and specialty courses such as Stage and DPV Cave Diver.

Tech Diver Courses

Do you lack certain technical certifications? No problem. We can teach these popular tech diver courses in conjunction with Intro or Full Cave Diver training.

Rebreather Courses

Ready to expand your dive knowledge and experience to include rebreathers? We offer certification courses for four popular rebreather models.

Cave Instructor Courses

Interested in becoming a cave instructor? We offer all the necessary training and evaluation required for ratings leading up to both TDI and NSS-CDS Cave Instructor certification.

Tech Instructor Courses

Hoping to achieve a tech instructor certification? We offer a variety of tech instructor-level courses including SDI/TDI crossovers.

Guided Dives

Our guided dives are popular with divers who need a dive buddy, want to explore different caves, or conduct dives that are a step above their current certification level.