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Dive Rite O2ptima CCR

First produced in late 2005, the O2ptima CCR has been a leader in the rebreather market for almost two decades. The O2ptima features a rear-mounted counterlung design that greatly reduces the diver’s work of breathing. The breathing loop was kept as short as possible by utilizing a horizontally-mounted scrubber canister positioned behind the diver’s head. This also contributes to maintaining the lowest possible work of breathing, which increases diver comfort and reduces fatigue. Mounting the scrubber canister at the highest point of the loop has the additional advantage of reducing the likelihood of water entering the scrubber. This, combined with the use of the ExtendAir CO2 Absorbent Cartridge, greatly reduces the likelihood of a painful “caustic cocktail.” These features are the reason why the O2ptima CCR has been used for cutting edge exploration and world class expeditions all over the globe for years. You can learn more about the Diverite O2ptima here.

We are able to teach you from the very beginning of rebreather diving, all the way through CCR Hypoxic Trimix. Please see our other course offerings for advanced CCR training.

Certification is through TDI, NAUI, IANTD.

  • If you lack prior CCR experience, there is a five-day program that will take you all the way through to full CCR Diver certification.
  • If you are already certified on another CCR, there is a two-day crossover program that will make you a fully-certified O2ptima CCR Diver.

If you have no prior CCR experience:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least 50 logged dives
  • Be certified to the Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures Diver level or equivalent

If crossing over from another CCR certification:

  • Have logged at least twelve CCR dives
  • Have made at least one CCR dive in the past 45 days
  • The “from scratch” CCR course takes five days and at least 400 minutes of bottom time.
  • The crossover course takes two days and at least 200 minutes of bottom time.
  • With sufficient notice, we can usually accommodate requests for specific course dates.

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