Brock Technical

Special recognition goes to Jennifer Dillaman of Blue Descent Photography for allowing us to display her beautiful work. Click here to view more of her pieces.

Cave Diver Courses

Available courses include those needed to achieve Full Cave Diver certification and specialty courses such as Stage and DPV Cave Diver.

Tech Diver Courses

Our technical diver courses range from Nitrox Diver to Hypoxic Trimix and can be conducted in either a cave or ocean environment.

Rebreather Courses

Rebreather training is conducted on four popular rebreather models. Other CCR courses include Cave CCR.

Cave Instructor Courses

Instructor courses are available for divers interested in becoming a Cavern, Apprentice Cave, or Full Cave Instructor through NAUI or NSS-CDS. The NAUI or NSS-CDS Cave Instructor crossover course is also offered.


We offer coaching/consulting for divers who want to improve existing skills, learn new skills, or refresh old skills. This is typically done outside a certification course. 

Guided Dives

Guided dives are available for divers who need a dive buddy, want to explore different caves, or conduct dives that are a step above their current certification level.