Nitrox Diver course

This is not your buddy’s Nitrox Diver course: Most recreational divers these days get their Nitrox Diver certification by taking something commonly known as a Computer Nitrox course. This type of course is distinguished by what it doesn’t cover, including:

  • Partial Pressures of Oxygen (PO2s)
  • Equivalent Air Depths (EADs)
  • How to use EADs in conjunction with air-based dive tables
  • CNS “Clock” calculations

In fact, the typical recreational Nitrox Diver course just assumes you will have a dive computer that tracks all of this for you. And, you know what? If all you are ever going to be is a single-tank sport diver who stays within recreational depth and time limits, that’s fine.

The catch is, if you aspire to become a cave or technical diver, you will quickly discover that this is not enough. You will find yourself in courses like Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures which assume you know about PO2s, EADs and CNS calculations. And you will be totally lost.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this course specifically for future cave and tech divers. It’s based on the TDI (Technical Diving International) Nitrox Diver eLearning course materials, which cover all the things “Computer” Nitrox Diver courses leave out.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be certified to the Open Water Diver level or equivalent

Time frames

  • The Nitrox Diver course generally takes a half day. It combines readily with other courses we offer.
  • With sufficient notice, we can usually accommodate requests for specific course dates.

Required equipment

Students are responsible for providing all equipment, with the exception of an oxygen analyzer. Rental equipment is available, if needed.

 Choose your price

Know what you’re getting: Prices include instruction and eLearning fees. Bear in mind, the cost of eLearning, by itself, can be worth anywhere from $140 to $280 or more. Thus, a $640 course from us may actually cost the same as a $500 course from someone else if you have to pay for elearning separately.

Certification cards: We issue these only when earned. Simply taking part in a course does not guarantee certification. For cave courses, certification cards from multiple training agencies may be available. C-cards generally cost around $30 each, depending on agency. Your instructor can tell you more.

Nitrox Diver Course

More bottom time, less deco
$ 350 Single student price
  • One half day

Nitrox Diver Course

More bottom time, less deco
$ 200 Per student for two or more
  • One half day
Best value

Includes eLearning at no extra charge

Computer-aided instruction is an integral part of nearly every course we teach. The Why? is simple: eLearning helps get our students in the water sooner and spend more time there. It’s why we include the cost of any applicable eLearning programs — usually a $140 value — in our courses at no extra charge. This translates directly into an extra day of in-water training. The value of that? Priceless.

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