First Aid, CPR, AED and O2 Provider Course

First aid, CPR and oxygen administration are vital skills for any diver. They are an important prerequisite for Rescue Diver and leadership training.

Learning these critical abilities takes no more than a couple hours of online self-study plus a morning, afternoon or evening of hands-on skill practice. Your certification is good for two years. You renew by retaking the course.

Our online training materials and certification are provided by First Response Training International (FRTI), the emergency response division of International Training (ITI). ITI is the parent company for:

  • Scuba Diving International (SDI)
  • Technical Diving International (TDI)
  • Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI)
  • Performance Freediving International (PFI)

FRTI courses meet or exceed OSHA and ILCOR standards and are recognized by the United States Coast Guard. ITI has used its considerable expertise in the field of diver training to create a suite of emergency response courses students tell us are better than anything else currently available.

If you are an SDI, TDI, ERDI or PFI Instructor, rather than simply take this course, you will want to become an FRTI Instructor. This is not only an excellent way to keep your skills up to date, you will be able to pass these abilities on to your own students while adding to your teaching income. Learn more…


The only prerequisite for this program is that participants be at least 18 years old (10 with parental permission). You needn’t hold any form of diver certification. As a practical consideration, you must be able to get down on your knees to perform compressions and ventilations on the CPR manikins.

Time Frames

This program generally takes just a single morning, afternoon or evening. Students must complete the associated eLearning before the start of class, however. This usually takes two hours or less.

With sufficient notice, we can generally conduct this program when and where it is most convenient.

Course Location

We usually conduct this program at our offices in Gainesville, Florida. However, we can do it at any suitable location. For locations more than 75 miles from Gainesville, Florida, there may be an additional charge for time and travel expenses.

Required Equipment

Unlike diving-related courses, you need no special equipment to take part in this program. Comfortable clothing, however, is a must.


Course fees are as follows:

  • Courses with three or more participants: $95/each
  • Courses with two participants: $125/each
  • Courses with a single participant: $195/each

Course fees include:

  • eLearning
  • Use of CPR manikins, AEDs and other training items
  • Digital certification cards

Plastic certification cards are available for an additional charge.

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