Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver course

There is sidemount…and then there is advanced sidemount.

  • Basic Sidemount Diver is a course you would take either before or in conjunction with your beginning Cave Diver training. It’s goal is to train you to use sidemount as a primary gear configuration, much as you would backmounted doubles. Other than for dealing with possible entanglement, it does not get into cylinder removal or passing through extreme restrictions that might require dropping one or both cylinders.
  • Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver is a course that goes well beyond this. It deals specifically with passing through the tightest of restrictions — restrictions that, invariably, require shedding one or both bottles.

This is an extremely advanced form of cave diving and, as such, entails considerable potential risk. Managing this risk is a big part of what we cover in this course.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have 50 or more logged dives
  • Be certified to the Full Cave Diver level or equivalent
  • Possess Nitrox Diver certification

As you will be diving sidemount during this course, you need to be able to document prior training or experience in its use. This includes several sidemount cave dives.

Time frames

  • The Advanced Sidemount Cave Diver course generally takes two days and approximately four dives.
  • With sufficient notice, we can usually accommodate requests for specific course dates.

Required equipment

  • Mask and flat-bladed scuba fins with adjustable or spring heel straps
  • Adequate thermal protection for prolonged exposure to 21° C/72° F water
  • Sidemount harness
  • BC air cell with adequate lift for the cylinders used
  • Two sidemount cylinders
  • Two separate regulator first and second stages
  • At least one mission-capable dive computer
  • Slate or wet notes
  • Two Z-knives or comparable cutting tools
  • One primary light
  • Two backup lights
  • Two safety reels/spools with a total of at least 50 m/150 ft of line

Be aware than any equipment you use must meet very specific requirements. Learn more…

Items such as cylinders, deco bottles and primary lights, which my be difficult to travel with, are available for rental. Be sure to alert us if you will need any of these

 Choose your price

Advanced Sidemount Diver

Course limited to one diver at a time
$ 650 covers all instruction
  • Two days
  • Four or more dives

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