Sidemount Instructor

In just the past few years, sidemount has gone from being an equipment configuration used by only the most elite cave divers to an activity in which a broad range of recreational and technical divers participate. There is no shortage of demand for Sidemount Diver training.

Although you could, theoretically, qualify to teach this course by making 25 or more technical sidemount dives, without specific training in how to teach, you risk students finding out your really do not know what you are doing. We see this happen regularly. It’s not pretty.

We assume you would prefer to offer a better quality Sidemount Diver program — one your past students will eagerly recommend to family and friends. We can show you how.

Additionally, as this is a TDI Technical Sidemount program, you’ll discover it offers students more value than similar recreational-level programs. Nevertheless, you can offer it to all your students, regardless of their certification level.

The staff at is uniquely qualified to teach this program. Not only have we logged several thousand sidemount dives, we literally “wrote the book” on sidemount diving. Specifically, we authored the TDI Sidemount Diver eLearning course, student manual and instructor guide.

You can’t do better than this.


To enroll in this course, candidates must:

  • Be a TDI Instructor in Active status.
  • Be a certified Sidemount Diver.
  • Provide proof of having made at least technical sidemount dives.

A technical sidemount dive is any dive involving decompression, additional cylinders and/or overhead environments such as wrecks, caves or mines.

Time Frames

This program generally takes one day. With sufficient notice, we can conduct this program when it is most convenient.

Course Location

We usually conduct the classroom portion of this program either at our office in Gainesville, Florida, or in the classroom at Blue Grotto Dive Resort in Williston, Florida. Conditions permitting, in-water work takes place at Blue Grotto.

Required Equipment

To take part in this program, you must supply:

  • Mask and flat-bladed scuba fins with adjustable or spring heel straps
  • Adequate thermal protection for prolonged exposure to 22° C/72° F water
  • Sidemount harness and air cell
  • Two sidemount cylinders
  • Two separate regulator first and second stages
  • At least one mission-capable dive computer
  • Slate or wet notes
  • Two Z-knives or comparable cutting tools
  • One primary light
  • Two backup lights
  • Two safety reels/spools with a total of at least 50 m/150 ft of line
  • Stage bottle and regulator

Be aware than any equipment you use must meet very specific requirements. Learn more…

Items such as cylinders and primary lights, which may be difficult to travel with, are available for rental. Be sure to alert us if you will need any of these.


The cost for this program includes:

  • Admission to Blue Grotto
  • TDI Technical Sidemount Instructor registration

Candidates are responsible for any incidental expenses, such as gas fills.

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