Dive planning


Gas matching in action

There are many ways to deal with dissimilar cylinder volumes. There is one method, however, which even if you don’t use it, you should at least understand.

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The timely demise of the “Snap-n-Gap”

According to our recent survey, 90 percent of our readers have only been cave diving since the turn of the century. Most started cave diving in just the past ten years. This means most have no idea what cave diving was like a quarter century ago. Things were very different

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the 300

Are you among the 300?

If you are among the 300 people who responded to our recent survey, you just made a valuable contribution to cave diving. And you didn’t have to die in a hail of arrows to do it.

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Store closed

Gone and (nearly) forgotten

Several once-thriving businesses used to be the hub of cave diving in north-central Florida. Now they are gone with hardly a trace left behind. They deserve to be remembered.

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Caught in a blind

Are you familiar with “blind” tees? They are one more way the cave is doing everything it can to make sure you don’t come out alive.

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Spool or not?

The final jump

Is there ever a justification for not putting a jump reel in place? Depending on circumstances, there might be a very good one.

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