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Peacock/Orange Grove
Cave System, Continued

Orange Grove Basin

A short distance from Peacock I are Peacock II and III. Peacock II is no longer open to the surface; however, you can get to what was once the cavern via a series of tunnels from Peacock I. The Peacock III cave system has no diveable connection to the Peacock/Orange Grove system. It is very silty and relatively shallow — except for a dramatic drop to depths of 200 feet at Hendley’s Castle.

The Bonnet Spring system is accessible through a separate park entrance (see the ranger for the gate combination). At last report, however, this low, shallow, silty system was closed, due to the presence of a large gator in the basin.

Depths throughout the various Peacock systems are relatively shallow, seldom going below 70 feet. Exceptions are Lower Orange Grove, The Crypt, Hendley’s Castle and the tunnel to Peacock II, which reaches a depth of 80 feet. These shallow depths, combined with the easy availability of Nitrox at nearby dive centers, means that you can pretty much leave your deco gas at home when diving Peacock.

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