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Peacock/Orange Grove
Cave System, Continued

Main Entrance

Heading downstream, there is a short gap in the main line at Challenge Sink (so named because it is a real challenge getting in and out here; ropes are required). Continuing downstream. Divers can either swim all the way to Olsen Sink. or take the system’s other gold line down the Peanut tunnel to the main entrance at Peacock I Spring. Olsen is designated as an emergency exit; entries were once allowed here but were later deemed to dangerous due to the sink’s steep, slippery banks.

Downstream of Olsen, the main line continues over 1,600 feet to the Peacock I Spring entrance, with a short gap at Pot Hole sink (another “emergency only” exit). The Peacock system is unique in that it has not one, but two gold lines, beginning upstream at the Peanut restriction, and paralleling one another all the way to the Peacock I Spring entrance.

The lower portion of the system is crisscrossed with numerous tunnels. Divers can begin upstream of Olsen on a loop that will take them to Cisteen sink, then allow them to return to the main line, via the Nicholson Tunnel, just upstream of Pot Hole sink.

An offshoot tunnel from the Cisteen loop takes divers to “The Crypt.” This is a sudden plunge to depths approaching 100 feet. The map suggests this connects to Lower Orange Grove. Famed cave explorer Woody Jasper tried to connect the two for a while, then quit, deciding that continuing to live was better. In other words, stay out.

Another popular dive is to enter the system at Waterhole III (so named because a railroad spur used to bring steam locomotives here to take on water), and traverse to the main entrance via the Peanut line. The two entrances are less than 200 feet apart, yet traversing the two is an 1,100 foot swim.

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