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Course Fees

Cavern and Intro to Cave Diver Course Fees

Course fees for Cavern and Intro to Cave Diver are:

Course 1 Student 2 Students 3 or More
Cavern Diver (2 Days) $375 $325 $275
Intro to Cave (2 Days) $375 $325 $275

Course fees include the cost of TDI c-card registration fees.  Additional expenses include:

  • Ginnie Springs' site admission fees.
  • TDI Diving In Overhead Environments (Cavern and Cave) Student Manual.
  • Air fills.

Cavern courses are limited to four divers; Intro To Cave Diving courses are limited to two divers unless special exception is made prior to your course start date.

Be sure to see deposit requirements at the bottom of this page.

All Other Course Fees

Course No. of Days 1 Student 2-3 Students
Full Cave Diver 4 $1,200 $1,000
Stage Cave Diver Specialty 2 $600 $500
Stage + TDI Extended Range 3 $600 $500
DPV Cave Diver Specialty* 2 $600 $500
Extended Range Cave Diver * 7 $2,100 $1,700

While TDI does not offer an Apprentice Cave Diver course, your Full Cave course may be split into two two-day training periods over a period of a maximum of six months. 

* DPV and Extended Range courses are limited to a maximum of two students.

Payment Requirements

  • A non-refundable deposit of at least $100 (subject to the terms of the Student-Instructor Agreement) is due within seven days of scheduling a course in order to hold that course open. Deposits may be paid by personal check, bank check or money order.
  • Course fee balances are to be paid directly to the instructor, in cash, at the beginning of each course and do not include site admission fees, air fills, student workbooks or certification processing fees.
  • You may either designate the course as "private" or request that additional students, if available at the time requested, be added so as to reduce your course cost.
Pay Pal Logo

You may also pay for your training through PayPal using your major credit card or checking account.  Student is responsible for all PayPal charges if electing to use this mode of payment.

For all training other than Cavern and Intro to Cave, please download and review the sample Student-Instructor Agreement in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF; 1 page; 31K). Once a specific date for training has been set, I will send you a completed Agreement for you to sign and return to me. Your class will be reserved upon my receipt of your deposit and signed Student-Instructor Agreement.

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