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The second level in the overhead diver’s progression towards Full Cave Diver is the Intro to Cave Diver course. It is at this point that the diver first departs the daylight zone of the cave system and conducts limited, linear explorations (main line only) of popular cave systems.

  • The purpose of the Intro to Cave course is to allow you to refine the basic overhead skills introduced at the Cavern level, perform various emergency procedures within the cave zone and begin to develop the awareness ("The line, the light, the cave") necessary to safe and enjoyable limited penetration cave diving. Upon successful completion of this course, you have the opportunity to perfect, by diving, the skills and comfort necessary to take the next step toward Full Cave Diver.
  • Additional equipment required for this level of training include a seven-foot primary regulator hose, two first and second stage regulator systems, dual outlet valve (Y, H or dual outlet manifold with isolator bar), primary dive light with two backup lights, primary reel, line cutter and line markers. Double tanks may be used at this level after consultation with your instructor.

Please review the Equipment Considerations section of this website for further discussion of dive gear.

Please be aware that enrollment in a TDI course, at any level, does not assure certification. Due to the risks involved in limited penetration cave dives, only those students who meet specific performance criteria will earn their certification. Of key importance as the diver progresses from Cavern Diver to the cave environment is above-average buoyancy control, a high degree of comfort in the water and a developing awareness of the cave environment. In-water skills include a low light exit, air-share exit, no-lights exit, no lights and air-share exit and lost diver drill.

The Intro to Cave course requires two days, four dives at two different cave locations. Curriculum consists of class sessions, gear review and as-necessary modification, surface lost diver and lost line drills and in-water skills and emergency procedures.

The Cavern and Intro to Cave course may, under appropriate circumstances, be combined over a four day, eight dive course.

Prerequisites: TDI, NSS-CDS, NACD or equivalent Cavern Diver certification.

Certifications Available: TDI.


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