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DPV Cave Diver Specialty Course


This course is intended to provide the Full Cave Diver with the basic knowledge, skills and specialized techniques to effectively and safely use a diver propulsion vehicle in the cave environment. Strong emphasis is placed on awareness of the potential negative impact of DPVs to the cave environment in an effort to increase the student’s awareness of cave conservation issues.

  • The primary focus of the DPV Diver course is the proper and safe use of DPVs by the Full Cave Diver. Modified gas management rules will be discussed and implemented and emergency procedures practiced in both the open water and cave environments.
  • In addition to all equipment required at the (Full) Cave Diver level, each candidate must provide a DPV suitable to the cave environment, DPV tow strap, stage cylinder and in-water decompression cylinder.

Please review the Equipment Considerations section of this website for further discussion of dive gear.

Be aware that enrollment in a TDI course, at any level, does not assure certification. Due to the risks involved in longer penetration DPV cave dives, only those students who meet specific performance criteria will earn their certification. Of key importance as the diver makes his way through DPV Cave Diver is excellent buoyancy control, a high degree of comfort in the water and a keen awareness of the environment. In-water skills include air-share emergencies, failed DPV procedures, DPV towing, restriction negotiation, primary light failure and reel use.

Completion of the DPV Cave Diver course requires two days, a minimum of three dives at two different sites and completion of a written examination (80% or greater required to pass).

Prerequisites: TDI, NACD or NSS-CDS (Full) Cave diver, GUE II or equivalent and a minimum of fifty (50) logged non-training cave dives.

Certifications Available: TDI.


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