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Guided Dive

Guided tours of local systems are offered on a per diver, reserved basis.

  • Whether because you are unfamiliar with the particular system or have been out of cave diving for a period, a guided dive may be the way for you to increase your comfort level for a trip to Cave Country.
  • Because your guide is a fully-qualified Cave Instructor, it may also be possible for you to make guided dives that are “one level up” from your current level of certification. This is because the circumstances of your guided dive are essentially the same as if you had enrolled and were taking part in the next level of training.
  • Conditions permitting, systems available for this service include Devil’s at Ginnie Springs, Peacock I, Orange Grove, Manatee and Little River.
  • For those with the required experience and training, guided dives are available to the deeper systems including Eagle’s Nest, Lower Orange Grove, and Peacock III/Henley’s Castle.
  • Fees are for guide services only and do not include park admission fees, rental equipment or gas fills.
  • Proof of certification, in the form of a certification card, will be required prior to any dive, along with NSS-CDS, NACD and any site-specific waivers.

Fees include two dives for the day at the location requested and are as follows:

Experience Level 1 Diver 2-3 Divers (Each)
Intro-to-Cave $200 $100
Apprentice/Full Cave $300 $150
  • No guided tour shall include more than three divers in the water during the course of the same dive. Larger groups may be broken into buddy teams of no more than three divers each.
  • Special rates are available to dive clubs and larger groups.




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